Missional is a popular word today. Connect “Missional” to “Evangelism” and we have something more than simply throwing the gospel at someone. Instead it is about looking at our community as if we were on the mission field and asking what we can do to connect with our community to reach those around us

Missional Evangelism is the intentional activity in which people are invited to live in discipleship within the whole body of Christ and to participate in the kingdom of God by appropriating a transformed way of life in response to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Missional Evangelism seeks to impact people’s lives where they are in their community. For many people the Christian faith looks weary and bare. They admit they have a hard time actually seeing Jesus because of all the negative baggage that now surrounds them. That means offering the gifts of mercy, truth, justice and compassion in a way that brings life to people. Missional evangelism involves taking time to reflect on Scripture, the experiences of the church, and an understanding of the realities in our world – the systems, trends, movements of peoples and conflicts.

Missional Evangelism is what Jesus did. Jesus did not simply wait for people to come to Him….He took the first step of coming to us. People were drawn to Him. As a result, lives were eternally transformed! As followers of Jesus we are called to go, to meet people where they are. For each person it will look different. For some of us, meeting them where they are means knocking on the neighbors’ door and inviting them over to grill out or watch the game. For others it will be going into the city and spending time with people who live on the streets. For others it will be where you work, or where you shop. And still others, you will go across the globe to meet people where they are. We go to take them our experience with Jesus, in hopes they will experience their own.

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